Urban Logistics

In urban logistics, we are working on the development of novel approaches and methods for the navigation of autonomous delivery vehicles in urban areas.

Navigation in urban areas poses challenges for autonomous systems. Constantly changing, dynamic situations and conditions, previously unknown environments and interaction with other unknown traffic participants extend the requirements for autonomous transport systems.

Together with partners from industry and academia, we are developing innovative delivery vehicles for transporting goods on pavements and footpaths in projects such as efeuCampus, LieferBot-E and LieferBotNet. These are used for supply and disposal on the so-called "last mile", the final stage of a logistics process to the individual customer. In this way, we are continuing the development of earlier research areas and developments in the field of autonomous transport vehicles in intralogistics at the IFL and transfer them to new areas.

Our research focuses on the localisation and navigation of vehicles, the evaluation of sensor data for scene recognition and environment perception as well as the development of new multi-sensor systems to meet the challenges of autonomous systems in highly dynamic urban environments.