Autonomous mobile agents are a central component of modern and flexible logistics systems. Our research therefore deals with various aspects of mobile systems in order to make them fit for the future and use them in new domains.

The focus is on three areas: the integration of mobile systems in dynamically changing environments, the development of plug-and-play capable systems for intralogistics, and research into new methods for the use of mobile transportation systems in outdoor and urban areas.

Intralogistics in dynamic environments

In order to optimize logistics processes and make intralogistics systems more efficient, intelligent and flexible, systems must be able to adapt automatically to changing requirements and adaptable environments. To achieve this, we are working on AI-based system images and adaptive control strategies for centralized and decentralized systems.
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Urban logistics

The sustainable design of cities requires new approaches to the supply and disposal of residential areas. In particular, transportation processes on the "last mile", from parcel delivery to waste disposal, put a strain on public space.
We are working on new methods for navigating autonomous systems in public spaces, thus enabling the use of modern delivery and logistics processes in urban areas.
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Plug-and-play systems

In order to increase flexibility in intralogistics, we are working on the development of plug-and-play systems.
The plug-and-play approach simplifies integration, reduces the integration effort from weeks to days and increases the adaptability of the systems. Our research focuses on the core areas of standardization, modularization and formal system description.
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Merging research and teaching

In addition to the development of new technologies, another focus of our work is the integration of our research into our teaching concepts. Our students are our researchers of tomorrow. That is why we involve them directly in current research topics in various courses and projects.
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