The IFL consists of several research groups which collaborate interdisciplinarily in different research projects. An additional team at the Research Center for Information Technology (FZI) is also supervised by Prof. Furmans and deals with questions in logisitics.


Logistics Systems Material Handling Technology

The Research Group Logistics Systems deals with the design and control of logistics systems. It develops methods for the optimization, modeling and evaluation of logistics processes as well as strategies for control. 


The development and design of new intralogistic conveying technology is the main research interest of the group material handling technology


Robotics and Interactive Systems FLX - Remote Handling and Logistics under Extreme Environments

In order to increase the flexibility in intralogistics, the the group robotics and interactive systems is working on the development of so called  Plug&Play materials-handling technology.



The traditional competencies at the IFL in the fields of materials handling and logistics systems have been used for several years in the field of maintenance of fusion test facilities and power plants.


Industry 4.0  





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Forschung am FZI

Research Field Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization

Supply Chain Management aims at optimizing the efficiency of logistic systems (such as. transport networks, warehouses and production facilities).