Production Leveling and Heijunka

Understanding and Implementing Production Leveling
Example of value stream with preassambly and final assambly

In this 2 day seminar you will learn the principles of production leveling practically. Our central aims within this training is to demonstrate the typical everyday challenges in the production area and how production leveling works. We will be addressing the issues such as how to find the solution when the production should uniformly run, whereas customer demands fluctuates? What to do in the event of failures and how to consider this in production pattern, when it’s unknown when and where failures occur? Can production leveling also be implemented in order-related production or merely in anonymous production system? How to implement production leveling in order-related production and what should be prioritize in this case?

Our practical training from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) helps you to better understand production leveling through recreated production system. The practical part takes about 70% of training duration. In this way, we ensure that you become familiar with the concept in a playful way.

We offer you our 2-day training in our facility at Institute for Material Handling (IFL) and Logistics several times a year.

Contents of the course :

  • Fundamentals of production leveling , what is it?
  • Why production leveling?
  • Introduction to simulation : how to determine the model and to use Heijunkaboard for the control in manufacturing?
  • How to calculate the number of Kanban cards?
  • How to calculate the amount of inventories in supermarket?
  • Simulation with two stage system with Kanban principles and supermarkets : disturbance, large orders, Make-To-Stock/Make-To-Order, determining control limits, handling changes in demand
  • What aspects must be given particular attention by managers, how to achieve success in introducing the methods ?

Information and Contact

Training Duration: a 2-day Seminar
Number of Participants: at least 7, maximal 14 Persons
Target Group: Managers and Supervisiors in Production  as well as their employees
Types of Trainings:
  • Inhouse Seminar at your location
  • Training in our facility at IFL in Karlsruhe
  • Several times a year for employee from different companies

If you have questions regarding this training, please contact

Olaf Zimmermann

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