Mechanical Pipe Connections (MPC)

Maintenance of the DEMO fusion reactor includes the exchange and replacement of plasma-related components, such as the breeding blankets (BB). Additionally, several cooling pipes must be removed for access. As an option to reduce downtime and increase maintenance speed, a mechanical multiple pipe connection (MPC) concept was developed to enable the separation of multiple pipes simultaneously using remote mechanical connections.


Nondestructive Examination (NDE)

During the maintenance phase of a nuclear fusion power plant, several components that have reached the end of their service life are replaced with a new component. This also includes the replacement of actively cooled components that are connected to the entire piping circuit via several pipes. These pipe connections must be disconnected to allow access for maintenance purposes and must be reconnected by the end of the maintenance phase. Due to safety requirements, these pipe connections must be tested so that they can be used safely in the next operating phase.

At IFL, a remotely operated in-bore inspection platform is being developed to address the challenges of performing non-destructive testing inside the pipe where no other methods are possible due to space and access restrictions. The project includes conceptual design, numerical and analytical analysis, prototype manufacturing and test rig construction.