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The overall objective of the project is the development, testing and evaluation of a holistic approach based on electric vehicles and ICT systems for a novel, fully automated fine distribution of consignments as well as the high-frequency collection of recyclables through a free-circulating fleet in urban areas.

The LieferBot-E fleet consists of autonomous, electrically driven delivery vehicles, as well as mechatronic parcel post box at the buildings of the district. Shipments can be automatically and quietly transferred between the vehicle and the parcel post box via the storage technology installed on the vehicle, i. Packages of different sizes are delivered and recyclables collected. The vehicles are manually loaded by the driver of the delivery service outside the urban area. The unloading of recycling materials is automated at defined collection containers that are easily accessible for disposal vehicles.

One of the objectives of the project is to open up the market for materials handling vehicles and associated sensors in the urban environment, i. In particular, to prepare laser scanners for robust outdoor navigation as well as to further develop driving platforms and conveyor structures for urban use. The market for such vehicles is made up of the large eCommerce dealers, KEP service providers as well as disposal companies, which - in addition to local companies - are eligible for the operation of neighborhood fleets. The multiple activities of eCommerce retailers and KEP service providers themselves, as well as the double-digit growth rates in the field of eCommerce, suggest that driverless electric vehicles will be a key market for the development of autonomous driving. In addition, this technology opens up new distribution channels for local retailers.

LieferBot-E is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as part of the technology program "ICT for Electric Mobility III: Integration of Commercial Electric Vehicles in Logistics, Energy and Mobility Infrastructures".