Fusing Research and Teaching

Our students are our researchers of tomorrow. That is why we involve them directly in current research topics in various courses and projects.

To utilize the potential of different research areas, interdisciplinary teams and creative ways of thinking are required, which deal with the most diverse aspects of mobile robotic systems. Here we rely on the imagination and creativity of the students by teaching and learning together. In various courses, current research concepts and fundamentals are taught and deepened through practical elements. To this end, we have several demonstrators and laboratory setups that are actively integrated into courses, research projects and theses. These provide students with a low-barrier introduction to industry-relevant research topics and help with the realistic validation of various solutions within the courses and projects. The resulting suggestions from the students provide us with important feedback and food for thought, which we further develop in our research projects - together with our student teams. HiWis and thesis students are directly integrated into ongoing research projects and can participate at various levels. Be it the deployment of one of our many demonstrators, the implementation of new algorithms on industry-oriented hardware, or the joint publication of thesis results - we work with our students as equals in a team.

Current lectures in the field of mobile robotic systems
Title Type Semester
Praktikum (P) WS 23/24
Lecture / Practice (VÜ) WS 23/24
Relevant research projects
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Software-defined manufacturing for the automotive and supplier industry