Seamless Engineering - Logistics Robotics Workshop


The aim of this module is to teach students how to develop a heterogeneous integrated mechatronic system. In the lecture, students are introduced to a system-oriented, higher-level approach to the description, evaluation and development of a mechatronic system. Special emphasis is placed on the description of intralogistics systems and modular material flow technology.

At the same time, the practical part of the course applies and deepens the knowledge gained to hardware used in industry. The students learn the systematic development in a simulation environment as well as the transition from simulation to real hardware. In small groups, the students will implement an autonomous material flow.

For this purpose, important components of software development in the robotics environment are taught. This includes, among other things, the basics of programming (Python and "Robot Operating System (ROS)"). In addition, students will gain insights into sensor and actuator technology, image processing, autonomous navigation of automated guided vehicles as well as handling robotics.

Language of instructionEnglish
Organisational issues

The course consists of two components: 1) lectures and 2) a intralogistics robotic workshop. In lectures, theoretical knowledge and fundamentals of structured system design and modular material handling are taught. There will be a written exam at the end of the lecture unit.

In parallel, a practical workshop takes place throughout the semester. For this, small group of students design and implement a mechatronic intralogistic system using industry-related robotic hardware and software to accomplish a given material flow task.

Registration takes place via the ILIAS course and the poll contained therein.
The course is exclusively for mechatronics students and number of participants is limited.