Safety Engineering



Learning content
The course provides basic knowledge of safety engineering. In particular the basics of health at the working place, job safety in Germany, national and European safety rules and the basics of safe machine design are covered. The implementation of these aspects will be illustrated by examples of material handling and storage technology. This course focuses on: basics of safety at work, safety regulations, basic safety principles of machine design, protection devices, system security with risk analysis, electronics in safety engineering, safety engineering for storage and material handling technique, electrical dangers and ergonomics. So, mainly, the technical measures of risk reduction in specific technical circumstances are covered.

Learning goals
The students are able to:

  • Name and describe relevant safety concepts of safety engineering,
  • Discuss basics of health at work and labour protection in Germany,
  • Evaluate the basics for the safe methods of design of machinery with the national and European safety regulations and
  • Realize these objectives by using examples in the field of storage and material handling systems.


Regular attendance: 21 hours
Self-study: 99 hours

Language of instructionGerman

Defren/Wickert: Sicherheit für den Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, Druckerei und
Verlag: H. von Ameln, Ratingen

Organisational issues

Termine: siehe ILIAS.