Basics of Technical Logistics I

  • effect model of conveyor machines

  • elements for the change of position and orientation

  • conveyor processes

  • identification systems

  • drives

  • mechanical behaviour of conveyors

  • structure and function of conveyor machines

  • elements of intralogistics

  • sample applications and calculations in addition to the lectures inside practical lectures

Students are able to:

  • Describe processes and machines of technical logistics,
  • Model the fundamental structures and the impacts of material handling machines with mathematical models,
  • Refer to industrially used machines
  • Model real machines applying knowledge from lessons and calculate their dimensions.
Language of instructionGerman

Empfehlungen in der Vorlesung / Recommendations during lessons

Organisational issues

Die Erfolgskontrolle erfolgt in Form einer schritflichen oder mündlichen Prüfung (nach §4 (2), 1 bzw. 2SPO).

The assessment consists of a written or oral exam according to Section 4 (2), 1 or 2of the examination regulation.

Es wird Kenntnis der Grundlagen der Technischen Mechanik vorausgesetzt.

Basics knowledge of technical mechanics is preconditioned.

Ergänzungsblätter, Präsentationen,Tafel.

Supplementary sheets, presentations, blackboard.

Präsenz: 48Std

Nacharbeit: 132Std

presence: 48h

rework: 132h