Plug-And-Play Systems

The plug-and-play approach simplifies integration, reduces the integration effort from weeks to days and increases the adaptability of the systems. Our research focuses on standardization, modularization and system description

Today's intralogistics systems are usually rigidly interlinked individual solutions, which leads to long planning and deployment times and a lack of adaptability. The PnP concept is based on the modularization and encapsulation of heterogeneous subsystems and standardized interfaces. This allows components to be quickly and easily added to systems or reused. The integration effort is reduced from several weeks to a few days compared to conventional systems. We research the various core areas of plug-and-play-capable systems - standardization, modularization and formal system description. 


Here we deal with the standardization of communication interfaces such as the asset administration shell and OPC UA. We are significantly involved in the development of VDA 5050, a communication standard between automated guided vehicles and control systems. We are also researching communication between machines (M2M), for example as part of the LieferBotNet research project.


Through encapsulation with standardized interfaces, we achieve a modularization of robot systems. Individual components can be developed separately and then combined or exchanged in systems. An exemplary implementation of this modularization is demonstrated in the MMH-Lab of the IFL.

Formal system description

The modular material handling concept developed at the IFL makes it possible to abstract the individual system participants. This enables hardware-independent interaction and integration. This was implemented, for example, in the research project with SAP for the formal process description of driverless transport systems and in the SDM4FZI project for production logistics.

Current projects in the field of Plug-And-Play Systems
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Software-defined manufacturing for the automotive and supplier industry

Interface for the communication between automated guided vehicles (AGV) and a master control