DONES - DEMO-Oriented Neutron Source

The long-life cycle, reactor efficiency, economic feasibility as well as safety aspects and disposal depend on the availability of rad-hard materials. DONES is a follow-up project of IFMIF and represents a material test facility where the materials shall be investigated under the same conditions like in a fusion reactor. This especially means the high-density impact flow of high energetic neutrons. The main aim is to provide a fundamental data base of neutronic and thermic highly loadable materials which have to meet the requirements of a low or rather reduced sensitivity against activation. Our work is focused on the engineering development of positioning systems for automatic remote handling processes inside the Test Cell. Furthermore we are mainly in charge with the development of the flow of materials and components inside the facility as well as the selection of optimal storing areas and spare part strategies. With the aid of the description, the logistics modeling and the simulation of the maintenance procedures controlling strategies can be investigated. In the same context potentials regarding optimization can be identified.