Agile Production System using Mobile, Learning Robots with Multi-Sensors for Uncertain Product Specifications

The research project AgiProbot (Agile PROduction system using mobile, learning roBOTs with multi-sensors for uncertain product specifications) tries to answer the question how a factory can autonomously adapt to constantly changing conditions.

For this purpose, a network of KIT institutes is developing a production system for remanufacturing, in which used products in an unknown state at an unknown time and in an unknown quantity are returned to the factory and are to be disassembled with a high degree of automation.

The interdisciplinary research team from the areas of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, information technology and computer science is developing methods to robustly deal with uncertainties.

Within the AgiProbot project, the IFL is developing an autonomous intralogistics system for remanufacturing, which realizes the internal material flow of the production system by means of driverless transport systems, smart transfer units and handling robots.

The cyber-physical system connects smart entities which can reason about their configuration state and use decentralized interaction patterns to execute provided services.