Lean Warehousing

Methods of lean management have for some time now been applied in a production environment. However, the transfer of these methods on the warehouse environment is a new topic that promises great potential to improve warehouse locations. Specific conditions and requirements must be considered in the application of these methods of lean management in the warehouse environment. Moreover, the methodology must be adapted and developed accordingly.

After the working group "Lean Management in Warehouse" of the German Logistics Association (BVL) was completed in the summer of 2011 (Working group "Lean Management in Warehouse"), the working group "Roll-Out von Lean Management in Warehouse " will start in 2013. 13 leading commercial, industrial and logistics companies have developed a common understanding of lean warehousing and a common approach to transfer the methodology to the warehouse environment. The follow-up working group is now dealing with transferring the findings from theory into practice.

You can enjoy live lean management in warehouses in our simulation "Lean Experience". We regularly run training courses at the IFL, where you and your employees can participate in. These seminars are bookable in our office.

The basic concepts “System- and Punktkaizen” are examined more closely and directly implemented in a realistic warehouse process. Hereby, a special focus is placed on the challenges in the warehouse environment. Issues such as standardization and their necessity, the understanding of leadership in a lean company and especially continuous improvement will be covered. A number of 10 persons should be reached in order to this training. Please contact Christophe Senger for more information about the topics lean management and lean production.



Lean Warehousing

Research: The IFL develops meaningful transfer and development of lean management methodology on the warehouse environment. Furthermore, models for mapping the use of lean management methods in the warehouse environment are developed. Recommendations as well as statements about the effectiveness of the methods under various conditions will be also discussed.

Industrial consulting: The IFL supports companies on-site with the introduction of lean warehousing through training and joint implementation projects. These consulting projects may include, i.e., the actual recording of the situation in the warehouse with the help of value stream mapping, developing a vision by value stream design and working out the steps for target achievement. But beyond this, we support the implementation of on-site events such as workshops on shop floor level or the development of an implementation plan. Other projects include, i.e., the development of training concepts for the introduction of lean warehousing and employee training in lean methods.