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Discrete time Analysis of Takted Milk-Run Systems

Discrete time Analysis of Takted Milk-Run Systems

Eda Özden
Kai Furmans


Stochastic Models of Manufacturing and Service Operations

Datum: 2011

This contribution aims at providing an analytical approach for the analysis of takted milk-run systems in a stochastic setting. With the introduced method, it is possible to consider a bidirectional material flow, thus, not only the flow of material but also the flow of e.g. empty containers can be integrated. To do so, each station possesses a loading and an unloading station. Thus, arbitrary transport relations can be modeled. Complying with the reality, picked quantity at each station is limited and the correlation between the handling time and the quantity to be handled is taken into account. Under these assumptions, we develop algorithmic procedures in discrete time domain and attain the distributions of the queue states, tour duration, cycle time, and the waiting time approximately.