System analysis of the discrete time G/G/1-queue with batch arrivals

  • Autor: Schleyer, Marc und Kai Furmans
  • Quelle:

    Proceedings of the 21th IAR Annual Meeting, Nancy

  • Considering material flow and production systems, there is a limited space close to a machine or a group of machines for buffering unfinished goods. Therefore, for the dimensioning of material  ow bu ers it is of vital importance to analyze the number of customers in the queue at the arrival instant. It is crucial that there is enough free bu er capacity to receive the arriving customers. In our paper we consider a G/G/1-queueing system with batch arrivals in the discrete time domain. On the basis of the waiting time distribution we present an analytical approach for the calculation of the number of customers at the arrival instant. Given a confidence level the required buffer capacity can be calculated.