Robotics and Interactive Systems

Fachbereich Steuerungstechnik
Control Systems
Karis Pro Audi Sport
Navigation and Localization for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)
Remote-Control with Virtual Reality

To increase flexibility in intralogistics, the Robotics and Interactive Systems department works on the development of Plug & Play material handling technology: Systems can be commissioned fast and easily and without any additional infrastructure or complex programming. In this context, the department researches on algorithms for the decentralized control of material handling technology.

Another research area is the automated handling and transport of objects. The Robotics and Interactive Systems department is also active in the field of machine vision, since the identification and gripping point determination of the objects requires 2D and 3D image recognition.

In the context of human-machine cooperation, interfaces are investigated that simplify the cooperation between technical systems and humans. The aim is to spend as little time as possible for the exchange of information by capturing movements, gestures or language.