Logistics Systems

The research group Material Flow and Logistics focuses on the design and control of production and logistic systems. Focusing on quantitative performance analysis, we develop methods to evaluate the performance of material flow and production systems as well as warehousing and distribution systems. Here, we apply different approaches such as queuing theory and simulation to model the system behavior. Additionally, we work on the planning and design of highly efficient material flow and production systems. This includes in particular the development of methods for controlling these systems, e.g. by mathematical methods and innovative algorithms.

In the area of lean management, we quantitatively evaluate and configure concepts for levelling in production and order picking systems. On that basis, lean processes in production and logistics are designed.

Regarding digitalization and Industry 4.0, we survey new and innovative concepts for mobility and production. Moreover, we address the question of future mobility from a holistic perspective, considering current aspects of tomorrow’s logistic solutions.