Remote Handling and Logistics under Extreme Boundary Conditions (FLX)

Department of FLX

The traditional competencies at the IFL in the fields of materials handling and logistics systems have been used for several years in the field of maintenance of fusion test facilities and power plants. In this context, the FLX department is working on several fusion research projects. The department deals with issues related to remote handling and transport of activated materials from a design point of view, as well as the applicability of sometimes extreme boundary conditions.
In order to achieve the highest possible plant availability and thus plant economy, we optimize the corresponding maintenance processes by means of logistic methods, modeling and simulation. This includes, among other things, the determination of the layout, the transport routes and the use of resources in the best suitable manner. Among other things, these methods are used in the planning of the large multinational fusion projects IFMIF, DONES, ITER and DEMO.

In addition to the FUSION-related tasks, the work in the FLX department includes the development and design of novel material handling systems. With competencies in the fields of materials handling and logistics systems, innovative approaches for reducing the weight of large-scale conveyor components (e.g. segmented construction of trussed crane bridges) are developed.

On the basis of a mechanical model, which considers the relevant system parameters, static as well as dynamic properties are investigated.

For guidance tasks such as the guideway of the lift truck on a stacker crane mast or the guideway of the cat on the segmented truss bridge, the use of fiber composite materials and the interaction with guide and load rollers is being researched.

Particular attention is paid to the research of the contact problem of roller/guideway and the optimization of the geometry of the bearing surface.

The goal is the development of higher loadable functional elements (roller/guideway) as a basis for new weight and energy optimized constructions with fiber reinforced composites (FRC) in intralogistics.

Department of FLX – Completed Research Projects
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