Development and Implementation of New Safety Concepts for Handling the Hazardous Material Beryllium






Currently GVT (Goraieb Versuchstechnik) [Goraieb verlinken] is the only organization in Europe which designs, constructs, and operates experiments with the hazardous material beryllium. One laboratory has been set up already to start a pilot plant for production of beryllium alloys. The handling of this extremely hazardous material in the form of dust takes place in gloves boxes.

As part of the cooperation project between IFL, GVT, and HIMA, a safety system is being designed that reduces the risks of processing the hazardous material beryllium to an acceptable level.

The safety concept includes, among others, the following components:

  • glove boxes
  • buildings (vacuum keeping, personnel air lock, extinguishing system, ventilating system)
  • external status query, alerting system

Based on the results of the risk assessment, critical parts of the laboratory are to be equipped with safety-related components and safety functions which are rated according to SIL (Safety Integrity Level) 3.

 Aufgrund der Ergebnisse der durchgeführten Risikobeurteilung sollen kritische Komponenten des Labors mit sicherheitstechnischen Komponenten und Sicherheitsfunktionen ausgestattet werden, die nach SIL (Safety Integrity Level)  3 eingestuft werden.



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