CrasS – Development of an innovative crane system for a reproducible, automatic and secure stacking of pallet cages

It exists a high need for a warehouse for pallet cages in small and medium-sized companies. Pallet cages are used in many manufacturing companies for the storage and availability of materials and can easily be stacked up. Up to now this happens by the use of a forklift for which wide lanes must be provided. This kind of block storage uses a lot of place and time.

At the same time at least one bridge crane is in nearly every production or assembly hall of a manufacturing company. However, a bridge crane is often used only for single transports per day and stands still in the remaining time.

The Department of Material Handling Technology of the IFL and the Innokran GmbH have signed up themselves to develop an innovative crane system for a reproducible, automated and secure stacking of pallet cages. The innovative crane system consists of the following parts:

  •  a newly developed crab with a multiplex chain hoist
  •  a special load handling attachment
  •  a newly developed control and automation technology

The objective is to use the innovative crane system on already existing standard bridge cranes (single and double grider bridge cranes). For that, it should be merely necessary to exchange the existing hoist.