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Development of a Scalable, Modular, Segmented Overhead Crane Girder

Development of a Scalable, Modular, Segmented Overhead Crane Girder

Steffen Bolender

Project Group:

Material Handling Technology


Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand (ZIM)


Dietrich GmbH





Manufacturing and transporting of overhead crane girders can be a time and cost-intensive challenge due to their large size. As a solution, the Dietrich GmbH and the KIT Institute for Material Handling and Logistics develop a novel concept for a modular, segmented overhead crane.

This crane girder consists of small standardized pieces, which can be produced in a large scale, transported on Europool pallets to their destination and assembled on-site. The connection of the single parts is done via tie rods, which are connected to the ends of the girder and pre-load the crane bridge.

Due to the modular structure the crane can be mass-produced with low costs. Compared to a conventional crane girder, the transport is easier as it can be transported to its destination on a few Europallets and assembled directly on site. For example a 20 m crane bridge can - in contrast to the usual complex semi-trailer or large-load transport - be transported on 5 Europool-Pallets on a small lorry.