Modelling and Simulation


Introduction: Overview, concept formation, simulation studies, time/event-discrete models, event-oriented/process orientated/transaction-oriented view, typical model classes (operation/maintenance, storekeeping, loss-susceptible systems)

Time-continuous models with concentrated parameters, model characteristics and model analysis Numerical treatment of ordinary differential equations and differential-algebraic sets of equations coupled simulations with concentrated parameters

Time-continuous models with distributed parameters, description of systems by means of partial differential equations, model reduction, numerical solution procedures for partial differential equations

Language of instructionGerman/English


Organisational issues

Wichtiger Hinweis: die Veranstaltung findet in geraden Wintersemestern (z.B. WS2022/23) auf Englisch, in ungeraden Wintersemestern (z.B. WS2023/24) auf Deutsch statt. Die Klausur ist zweisprachig.

Important note: in even winter semesters (e.g. WS2022/23) the course is held in English language, in odd winter semesters (e.g. WS2023/24) in German language. The exam is bilingual.

Contact persons

IFL contents: Keno Büscher

Organisation of the lecture: ITM