IFMIF – International Materials Irradiation Facility

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    Martin Mittwollen
    Dirk Eilert
    Vladimir Madzharov
    Martin Kubaschewski

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The timely availability of suitable structural materials is crucial for the longevity, reactor efficiency, economic efficiency, safety and disposal of future fusion reactors. IFMIF is a scientific research facility being built to simulate the intense neutron radiation in future fusion reactors. The main objective is to provide a database of neutronically and thermally highly stressable structural materials that also meet the criterion of low or reduced activability. Our work concentrates on contributions to the engineering development of the test cell, the design of cranes and manipulators for the automated handling of heavy components as well as the positioning of the test modules, electrical- and He-feedthroughs. Furthermore, with the help of logistical modelling and simulation of the maintenance processes, a material flow-optimized and thus time-optimized arrangement of the functional areas in relation to the test cell is developed.