Definition of cycle times for packing in distribution centers

  • Autor:

    Judith Weiblen
    Kathrin Breiner

  • Quelle:

    Proceedings of the XX International Conference MHCL'12

  • Datum: 2012
  • Packing is one of the most important processes in a distribution center regarding time and costs. Still, there is not much research on packing. For a proper planning and dimensioning of packing areas, it is necessary to know how long a certain packing process takes. So far however, no formula exists to assist planning. To close this research gap, cycle times for packing are required. In this paper, we present the first steps performed in order to achieve this goal. We give an overview of relevant literature and process steps in packing. After that, we show the findings of a morphological analysis. The resulting morphological box focuses on technical implementations, which is why we also consider structuring according to the effort needed. The outcomes will be used in further research to derive a general mathematical description for cycle times.